The blackblox is superb platform for monitoring the movement of vehicles, vessels, people and cargo in real time. It fulfills your highest demands and needs to protect your assets. It offers unlimited capabilities to track people, objects and activities.

An excellent solution for private and business use!

Possible applications:

Personal vehicles

Commercial vehicles

Bicycles | Motorcycle

Outdoor actvities

Monitoring the elderly

Valuable assets


Working machinery

Monitoring of cargo

Depending on the needs and requirements, choose one of the devices and the time period for blackblox service.

We will take care of everything else!

blackblox devices:

With the purchase of the device, the use of blackblox service and data transfer is free for 1 month. Each device is equipped with a SIM card, which includes an active data option for data transmission in the EU Member States, Switzerland and Norway, and allows the use of blackblox cloud service.


To further use blackblox devices with cloud service, select one of the following time period options for a complete blackblox service.

blackblox service:

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